Stewed Rhubarb Press was founded in 2012 by James T Harding and Rachel McCrum in an Edinburgh garret. We specialise in publishing spoken word artists, and in collaborating to create beautiful poetry objects.

Photograph by John Starr.

Stewed Rhubarb pamphlets can be bought online, from selected Edinburgh outlets, and at our quarterly launch events.

“This is the sort of breakthrough poetry needs. […] There’s something else about these publications. This is not just a group of performance poets who have managed to publish pamphlets rather well. If you look at them carefully, you will see a new fashion of poetry coming out of them, a city-based fashion, open about relationships and difficulties, humorous, sardonic and straightforward. Unimpressed with the past, the establishment and the universities, it is almost a movement, a movement which is new but has an affinity with the American beats.” - Sally Evans, Poetry Scotland Reviews

"Stewed Rhubarb is (appropriately both in terms of growth and nomenclature) strictly grassroots. […] Stewed Rhubarb is in tune with what the audience wants. […] The pamphlet production quality is pleasing, […] imaginative and successfully quirky. […] Stewed Rhubarb Press gathers work that strikes its editors as vibrant, regardless of how it might be categorised. […] Like its namesake, Stewed Rhubarb gives us the raucous, the irreverent, and a touch of a tang to titillate the senses." - Andrew Sclater, Sphinx: all about poetry pamphlets

Stewed Rhubarb is…

Rachel McCrum rachel@stewedrhubarb.org

Rachel is a performance poet and promoter, and one half of the vixen team behind the Rally & Broad cabaret extravaganza in Edinburgh.

Rachel enjoys red wine and roll ups. Usually dressed as an old man tramp.

James T Harding james@stewedrhubarb.org

James is a freelance critic and screenwriter. He enjoys tinkering with many things. Has unusually sleek hair. Somehow reminiscent of a seal.