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Harry says: “The pamphlet wis wrote as pairt o a residency wi Govanhill Baths Art and Regeneration Team (GBart), the art weeng o Govanhill Baths Community Trust. The Baths is a yinst n futur sweemin puil (n steamie n slipper baths n Turkish baths n mair), closed by Glesgae Ceety Cooncil in 2001, occupeed n fendit by a strang community campaign, n nou reappent as a community centre, suin tae be a sweemin complex agin.

“Ah’ve been resident at the Baths for the past five months, jynin in wi n organisin community events, interviewin volunteers, doin a bit of imaginary sweemin, gettin tae ken Govanhill, n aw in aw havin a grand time wi an amazin place n amazin fowk. This wee beuk o poems in Scots is the ootcome o that time, n Ah’d luve tae shair hit wi ye.”

Harry Giles is a poet, performance-maker and producer. He grew up in Orkney and is now based in Edinburgh, where he co-ordinates the spoken word events series Inky Fingers, co-directs the quarterly live art platform ANATOMY, and is part of the team running the Forest Café community arts space.

His poetry has been published recently in Magma, PANK and Clinic, amongst other journals. He is the former BBC Scotland slam champion (2009), and has won further slams from Glasgow to Warwick to London. He has featured at major events such as the StAnza Poetry Festival and Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, and at popular spoken word nights such as Chill Pill and Utter.

Harry also makes participatory theatre performance, working as a solo performer and as a facilitator, creating one-to-ones, installations, street interventions and longer interactive shows in theatre spaces. He’s recently made or shown work at the Soho Theatre, the Glue Factory, the Yard, Ovalhouse, CrisisArt, NTI Latvia, Hatch, Arches LIVE, Sprint and Buzzcut, alongside community centres, empty shops and street stalls.

Throughout all his work, Harry cares about building real and exciting relationships with audiences. Whether that’s getting folk to laugh and cheer at spoken word nights, creating popular platforms to watch and perform innovative art, running community arts workshops, or involving audiences in his own theatre shows, participation in performance is always at the centre of what he does.

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